Created and Directed by
Hideo Kojima

Kiryu Award

for Best Character

Nothing's gonna keep him from his BB.
Clifford Unger
Death Stranding
"Perhaps because of my strength, I have always been rather clumsy. I always end up breaking things that are precious…"
Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Baba is You
Proof that even power obsessed autists can get laid.
Devil May Cry V
ELDER GOD TIER: Villains whose motives are hard to find fault in and arguably better than the hero's.
Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
Always the most lovable coward in Nintendo's canon.
Luigi's Mansion 3
Definitely not Dead Weight this time.
Devil May Cry V
The wacky crazy woo hoo pizza guy is back. We missed you buddy.
Devil May Cry V
He makes deliveries, that's all.
Sam Porter Bridges
Death Stranding
This little TWINK is running around the police station and basically, you're fucking infected.
Leon Kennedy
Resident Evil 2: Remake
Jill can't even hope to match her.
Claire Redfield
Resident Evil 2: Remake
Never fuck with him.
Kim Kitsuragi
Disco Elysium
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Most Hated Award

for Most Hated Game of the Year

Least Worst Award

for Least Worst Game of the Year

Seal of Quality Award

for Biggest Technical Blunder

New Challenger Award

for Best New IP

IP Twist Award

for Best New Implementation of an Old Franchise

Blue Checkmark Award

for Most Pointless Controversy

Eargasm Award - Presented by Bose™

for Best Soundtrack

Electric Boogaloo Award

for Worst Sequel

Good Deed Award

for Biggest Redemption in Gaming


for Most Blatantly Promoted Game

Plot and Backstory Award

for Best Representation of Women

The Billy Herrington Award

for Best Representation of Men

Tablet Mode Award

for Worst Graphics


for Best Graphics


for Best Visual Aesthetics

Pottery Award

for Worst Writing

Tahiti Award

for Best Writing

MT/v/ Award

for Best /v/ the Musical Song

Guilty Pleasure Award

for the Game I Like but /v/ Hates

Hate Machine Award

for Crimes Against Gaming

Hyperbole Award

for Best Trailer

Kamige Award

for Best Eroge

Not Important Award

for Worst Character

Kiryu Award

for Best Character

Niche Award

for Best Game that Nobody Played


for Most Pretentious Indie Game

Press X to Win the Award

for Worst Gameplay

Book by its Cover Award

for Best Box Art

Smug Pessimist Award

for Most Disappointing Game

Please Be Good Award

for Most Anticipated Game

/vr/ Award

for Best Video Game of 1999

Swine Flu Award

for Best Video Game of 2009

10 Out of 10's Award

for Least Worst Game of this Decade (2010-2019)

0 Out of 10's Award

for Worst Game of this Decade (2010-2019)

Ludo Kino Award

for Best Movie Based On A Video Game of All Time

A Award Is You

for Worst Localization of All Time

Cease and Desist Award

for Best Fangame of All Time

Consume Product Award

for Best Product

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