Production Team

Directed by Counter

Produced by Lamer Gamer & Importuno

Project managed by db

Website by Segab, Clamburger & Inacio

Developer outreach handled by beatstar & Anonymous

Video Team

Graphics by Anonymous, Duke & MalZenith

Video production and editing by Ahch, Anonymous, beatstar, Counter, db, jab50yen, Kurushi, PhoneEatingBear, Segab, shuttah & Toad

Trailer by beatstar & db

Audio Team

Voiced by beatstar, Counter, Donny Q, Duke, John C, Phaseroll, Pomathan & Stephen Hawking

Preshow music by FEISaR, radiomuff, jab50yen, fv.exe, radiomuff, nostalgia_junkie, Marpix, beat_shobon, Donny Q, db & Anonymous

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Writing Team

Writing and research by Anonymous, beatstar, BroBuzz, Cee, db, Dr. J, ErogeAutist, ghmorello, Hg80, Importuno, Lamer Gamer, MalZenith, shuttah, Theu

Skits and Bumpers

An Interview with Game Freak – JakeVidya
Anime Games – mistafoxx
Boomer 2019 – Pierce asdf
cockandballkampf – cormano
Full Moon Over the Internet – Duke
got2bradical – Ahch + BetterThanTofu
The Next Level – Nick/Cody
Vin – neatoBurrito Productions
bumper in vr – oniiguy
Curb your sea exploration – mistafoxx
We like Fortnite – mistafoxx
vga bumper – Anonymous
20200130vga_bumper – Anonymous

/agdg/ Trailers

Monospaced Lovers by Scarlet String Studios
Alphaman by Heartfelt Games
Type Knight by chaikadev
Unconventional Warfare by Nightlife Strangers

Special Thanks

Mowtendoo for music contribution


And most importantly, you!

>they contribute to a shitty online video game award show

>they take their jobs very seriously

>they do it for free